Bicycle Repair St Peters MO
Bicycle Repair St Peters MO
Rick's Bicycle Shop & Restorations L.L.C
Rick's Bicycle Shop & Restorations  L.L.C


Where Old and Rusted become New and Cool again

We have done 6 new builds that arent on the site yet. This is some of my best work. Will get those up as soon a possible...

Restorations dont have to be a full teardown and rebuild. Most can be done with a good clean up. You can do a partial job or a full disassemble and rebuild.  Below are a few of the bikes Ive done.

If you have a bike that you would like to have done let me know and ill be happy to take a look and advise you on which is a good path to take



This is a mid 50's murray tricycle. A customer brought this to me to be restored. He rode it as a child. His daughter rode it as a child and now when i get done his grandaughter will ride it as a child. With any luck his great grandchild will ride it. Pic are up to now so for will post the rest as it progresses

This is a 1974 Schwinn my fair lady a girls version of the schwinn sting rays. This bike is all original including tires. Im doing a clean and wax on this bike and adding a few upgrades from the era. My customer is giving it to his girlfriend for valentines day. Im just getting started so these are just the getting started shots.

Below is a schwinn tandem I did for a customer. We wanted to keep as stock as we could. the frame had a great patina and paint just a little dull so we cleared the frame and put new wheels and tires. We keep all the old parts for the customer for resale if the time comes. Customer was very happy

This is a low rider bike used in photograph work with models

1971 schwinn barn find. I did for a customer's wife on her birthday. This was her bike when she was 10....

Fuji touring bike color change and new graphics

1952 Schwinn racer with 2 speed kick back rear hub, Restored this bike for a customer have his 72nd birthday this was his bike when he was 10. Coundnt find many parts for this bike so we did what we could

This came in the other day not documented yet but could be a 1937 Iver Johnson Truss frame roadster. Waiting on what to do with it.

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