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In 1992 I started as a service technician for a large retailer. This is where I learned customer service. For next 22 years I worked in my customers homes working on small engine equipment and appliances. I love solving problems and taking an upset customer and get there problem solved. I had many regular customers. And many new ones. I treated every customer the same reguardless  of of the situation and how many times they were rescheduled by the routing department. I earned several customer service awards for the way I ran my route. When I was 14 I worked in a small mom and pop schwinn shop in florissant and had continued working on them the most of my life. And in 2012 after retirement I started a small bike shop and ran it out of my garage. The bike shop grew at a pretty good rate with a few ads on craigslist , a facebook page. In 2011 we incorporated the business. In 2012 I  took the business full time and built this website. In 2013 we got into painting I  learned to paint at an early age started building hot rods at 17 so the skills  transfered  over to bicycles from building show cars for the show circuit. And building a custom gmc sonoma for my son So i have a pretty good idea of what looks good.  For the next 4 years the business grew 15 to 20%  each year. Today I moved the shop to the basement where i have a full service and fabrication shop.


Several years back we got involed with some great folkes that supply kids with a bike that cant afford one. We also got involved with a few churches in the area and suppyl them with bikes for the folks in the parish that need help with the family.


We also got involved with the great folks at St Louis Bikeworks.  We donate several bikes to them every year.  We do take donations for them so if you have anything you would like to give I will make sure it gets to them.



So thats our story up to now.

Ive spent the last 35 years with my best friend and wife Kathy. We live happely here in st peters we have been in the area for 30 years and God willing and the creeks dont rise we'll be for another 30.


Our hobbies are camping, kayaking, and cycling, We have 2 great kids both college grads 1 is married the other is just going through life.


Im just a small bikeshop that wont try to sell you anything you dont need.

I work on the less expensive bike the other guys wont.

And im fair and honest.

I know from being a technician that you cant please everyone. But I sure like trying.


Thanks for reading our story and I hope to see you soon!!!!!


Rick & Kathy Knobelock

Ricks Bicycle shop LLC

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