Bicycle Repair St Peters MO
Bicycle Repair St Peters MO
Rick's Bicycle Shop & Restorations L.L.C
Rick's Bicycle Shop & Restorations  L.L.C

New Builds

I try to do 2 new builds a year just to keep up with whats going on in the custom bicycle world,  Even If i just make big changes to 1 or my bikes  I kinda like to get imput on what everyone thinks. Oh and just to get this out there, I can build anyone of these bikes for anyone who would like to buy one. There it is my only sales pitch and you wont see another one. Untill i have to pay for this website, man these things get expensive





Im building a trike this year. here are a few pics to get started.will post more as it gets built. Bike is 8.75 feet long tire to tire. Im fabricating a multi speed rear hub and cassette haven setteled on how many speeds yet. And frame will be somewhere around 3 to 4 " off the ground.....

This is one of the bikes I built a while back , It has been changed a few times. The latest was the ape hanger bars, chrome fenders rear mud flap with the trucker chrome naked lady. oh and the road demon bell on the left hand front axle to ward off those those pesky road demons . And last but not least The chrome Monarch 2 springer front end.

On the company fun bike I added Azonic Outlaw 26 wheels and dati hubs 3 pawl 68 tooth insides front hub is done still building the rear wheel, Green matches perfect very tough wheels and hubs.  Then added 180 mm front disc with XT hydraulic disc brakes. And continental Trail King 2.4 Tires. And an air adjustable front end. A single 36t from Race Face up front and a  Deore 11 sp in the rear with an XT shadow Clutch derailure in the rear taking care of the shifting, Fun bike to ride.

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