Bicycle Repair St Peters MO
Bicycle Repair St Peters MO
Rick's Bicycle Shop & Restorations L.L.C
Rick's Bicycle Shop & Restorations  L.L.C

Customer Service

This is getting harder and harder to find today.


All my years as a field service technician working in customers homes I learned a very important thing. Customers want to be taken care of, They want great service at a fair price. To me great customer service starts when I answer the phone, I will do everything in my power to help you anyway I can. If you have a question about purchasing a new bike or and older bike from anyone ask away and I will give you my opinion. Looking to restore a bike? I will do my best to give the best deal I can.

I stand behind every repair i make,  Parts and Labor 100% for 90 days. No ifs , no ands .or buts. 100%. All my customers are treated like family. If I dont know the answer to your problem I will find it.

Im here to help my customers. I dont want to be the biggest shop. I dont want to sell off the rack bikes. I run a service and repair company. And Im very good at what I do. My previous company I worked for beat customer service in there technicians daily. We study it , We perfected it, And for over 20 years I lived it every day.

Sadly that company was bought and lost there connection to there customers. And Now ther are circling the drain. They used to be one of the biggest and now they are one of the worst.

Now im have a very small company in fact its just me. I do the work, and my wife runs the books, We are a licenced company I file my taxes just like everyone else.

I work out of my garage in my home Its not real pretty most shops arent but i will take care of your bike like its my own and I use the best tools and the corect tools to work on your bicycle.

I love talking to people. Problem solving to me is more  like a contest with me. I dont consider it a win unless the customer becomes a repeat customer.

And I have alot of repeat customers

So If your having trouble finding customer service with your bicycle issues.

Let me try and help you with your problem

I never charge for estimates, consultations, Advice on a purchase. And you will never hear me say anything bad about anybody or any dealer. My mom taught me that.


So im here to service my customers the best way I can....

Hope to see you soon and thany you for your time and looking at my website




Where to Find Us:

Ricks Bicycle Shop LLC

502 Brickingham dr
Saint Peters, MO 63376

By appointment only please


Phone: 636 262-6726 call or text

Please call and set up an appointment.

Let me show you what service really is.






9:00 am 6:00pm Monday  Tuesday  and Friday

3 pm to 6pm Wednesday and Thursday

10:00 - 2:00 Sat

Closed on Sunday


Appointments made after hours     


Call anytime from 9am to 9 pm 7 days a week

we work on customs
we work on vintage bikes


we build custom mountain and comfort bikes
I also work on scooters
Design and Build Limo style cruisers

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This shop uses the best equipment available and the best training available to repair your bicycle...

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