Bicycle Repair St Peters MO
Bicycle Repair St Peters MO
Rick's Bicycle Shop & Restorations L.L.C
Rick's Bicycle Shop & Restorations  L.L.C

Bike Assembly and Fitting

We do bike assembly. If you buy a bike online you can have it shipped directly to me. I will assemble the bike. Tune it, Make sure everything is correctly assembled and safe to ride. I will then mount the bike in our new Kenetic road machine fluid trainer, Hook up garmin speed, cadence, and heartrate monitor and put you on the bike and custom fit the bike to you. I will the run you and the bike thru it pace's and show you what works best for what you want to get out of the bike.

This is the latest fluid trainer on the market from kinetic. The leader in bike trainers

We will fit you the same way as any other bike shop but do more for you.

Bike assembly starts at ...................................................................$ 55.00

Bike assembly, Fitting, and Garmin performance evaluation............$ 95.00

Doing the Set Up

Basic Bicycle Sizing

Custom Built Bicycles

If we custom build you a bike both of these services are included at no cost. Every spring you get this service plus the tune up at no cost.

By putting you in a trainer every year we can make chages to the set up as you progress with your Bicycle.

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Where to Find Us:

Ricks Bicycle Shop LLC

502 Brickingham dr
Saint Peters, MO 63376

By appointment only please


Phone: 636 262-6726 call or text

Please call and set up an appointment.

Let me show you what service really is.






9:00 am 6:00pm Monday  Tuesday  and Friday

3 pm to 6pm Wednesday and Thursday

10:00 - 2:00 Sat

Closed on Sunday


Appointments made after hours     


Call anytime from 9am to 9 pm 7 days a week

we work on customs
we work on vintage bikes


we build custom mountain and comfort bikes
I also work on scooters
Design and Build Limo style cruisers

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This shop uses the best equipment available and the best training available to repair your bicycle...

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