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and Restorations


We are now an authorized  dealer sales and service  E-Bike Conversion System

We are now building custom E-Bikes.

Fold up e bikes for the camper

E-Bike Cruisers, Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes Comfort Bikes

We do special needs bikes

We sell and service, Standard, Trike, Two Person Trike, 4 Wheel 2 person bikes.

All our Bikes can be converted to E-Bikes

WE can do a E-Bike Conversion to your Existing bike

WE are a Full Service Bicycle Repair Shop

We do a Full Basic Tune up on any Bicycle for $29.99 plus parts if needed

We also do  Painting, Restoration, Powdercoating, Graphics,Decals & Paint, Paint Masks,  Vintage Seat Repairs Restoration, and  Custom Builds and Special Needs Bikes

Everyone have a safe and Happy Labor Day Weekend

We will be closed over the labor day weekend We will reopen on Tuesday the 4th

We are now offering special needs bikes with electric assist.

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