Bicycle Repair St Peters MO
Bicycle Repair St Peters MO
Rick's Bicycle Shop & Restorations L.L.C
Rick's Bicycle Shop & Restorations  L.L.C

Rick's Bicycle Shop & Restorations

Home of the $29.99 Tune up

First , I would like to welcome you to my  Bicycle Shop.


A little about me


My name is Rick Knobelock


 I am a retired in home service technician.  My wife and I have been married for 35 years. We love camping , bike riding and kayaking.


Working as a service technician in peoples home is a tough job. Its hard on your knees your hands and your nerves. Espicially after 20 plus years. Ive been working on bicycles since I was a kid in Florissant I started in a mom and pop bike shop when I was 14.  After retiring with bad knees I started to put a few ideas together and since there were no jobes for an old man with bad knees  Rick's Bicycle Shop & Restorations L.L.C  was born im 2010. Its a very small company built on customer service. Im the worker, I do the books and I sweep the floors.


All year long we support St Louis Bike Works. ( ) by donating bikes to these folks. They do some great work for the youth in the community.


We also support a few churches in the area with used bikes for folks that cant afford them. We help the homeless get back on there feet with bikes to get them back and forth to there jobs when they have no other means.


So take a look around and enjoy yourself.  Its free....



Happy Holidays

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